133 Industrial Engineering / 105 / Metal-cutting machines and systems + Computer chemical engineering + Equipment for oil and gas refining
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Head of the Department:

Vsevolod I. Sklabinskyi

D.Sc., Professor

Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum-Refineries Department is the oldest branch of Sumy State University. For over 45 years of work (since 1966) the scientific school was formed which actively supports close contacts with Sumy universities, the universities of Ukraine, foreign universities and the researching institutions. The Department offers a blend of practical and theoretical instruction geared towards helping students achieve success in the job market of the future and establish themselves as professionals in their chosen field of practice

On the basis of own fundamental researches at the department new various technologies and equipment are developed and applied in industry. For this purpose the department has all necessary material and technical base. According to the order of the Sumy enterprises, enterprises of the Sumy area, Ukraine, the countries CIS economic contracts and research works are performed at a department. The Department training of Specialists and Masters for design, industrial-engineering activity in chemical machine building and apparatus building, as well as in the branches, relating to design, research, implementation and application of the new manufacturing processes and equipment of chemical, food, oil-gas-refining industries and enterprises of building materials.

Graduates, having got a graduate degree «Equipment of Chemical Manufacturing and Enterprises of Building Materials», have wide opportunities for taking some engineering and leading positions at the chemical industry plants, gas and oil branches of industry. They may also work at design offices of enterprises, research laboratories and institutes of branch and academic profile. Currently 150 full-part undergraduate students and 115 full-part graduate students study at the department. Housed in the Technological Building and Laboratorial Buildings A and B faculty staff includes 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professor.

The department provides undergraduate degree training in:

- Machine engineering graduate degree training in:

- Equipment for chemical production and building material plants;

- Computer chemical engineering;

- Equipment of oil refining and gas processing plants, and Ph.D. Studies in speciality 05.17.08,

«Processes and the equipment of chemical technology» For more information about our programs, please contact us.



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Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies (TeSET)

Department of "Chemical Engineering, Laboratory Building "A".

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